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Why Llama Path?

LLama Path has changed the idea (on the whole Inca Trail) of the OLD tourism practices (abusive) to a real SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT ( care for the environment, very good treatment for our porters, and an honest tourist personal service).

Llama Path in only 3 years has become the leading company  in RESPONSIBLE TOURISM and this makes us feel proud and encourages us to improve our ideas and actions.

Llama Path (a licensed tour operator) is an agency that works with knowledgable, experienced Tour Guides, really cares about the porters´ welfare, is environmentally sensitive and believes strongly in sustainable tourism in general. Llama Path has currently created jobs for some 300 guides, porters and cooks and contributes to the Peruvian government  with 19% taxes on all sales (overseas companies are exempt from paying this so do not contribute to the Peruvian economy in this aspect).

We have recent handwritten reports on our webpage that you can take a look at to help you make your decision: http://www.llamapath.com/testimoniales.php.

 Also, in December last year, the following article was published in the local press with regard to the exemplary treatment of our porters:


Do I need to be fit?

Yes. As all our treks (the Inca Trail, Salkantay, Ausangate etc.) are moderately difficult, long and mountainous, we highly recommend that you are relatively fit - and acclimatised - before undertaking them (stair master helps!).  During the months (or at the very least, one month) before your trip, you should take regular, moderate exercise.  We want you to have an amazing experience and the fitter you are, the more enjoyable the treks will be.

Since we go over heights of 4200m/13750ft to 5200m/17000ft during these treks, we also strongly suggest that you stay in Cusco (3334 metres/10900ft) or another high altitude city (Arequipa (2320m/7586ft) Puno (3850m/12589ft) for some days before leaving on any of these adventure trips.  It generally takes 4 weeks to fully acclimatise, however a 4 to 5 day period in a high altitude city will give your body time to adjust and reduce the possibility of altitude sickness affecting you.

Some recommendations to help your body acclimatise are:

  • Avoid over-exerting yourself when you first arrive (however, some gentle activity during the day is better than sleeping)
  • Eat lots of carbohydrates
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
  • Avoid taking sleeping pills
  • Drink coca (ancient traditional leaf) tea


Why do I need to book in advance and how far in advance should I book?

Due to regulations brought in in 2002, the Inca Trail (5, 4 or 2 days) is limited to 500 people per day (including Guides, porters and cooks). It is therefore necessary to book in advance to guarantee a place on the date you want to leave. For Inca Trail treks in the high season (May,June, July, August and September) it is advisable to book at least 5 months ahead.

How can I book a place on the trail?

If you want to confirm your reservation:

 a, Send us the following information:

- Full name

- Gender

- Date of birth

- Passport number (it is important that we receive the passport number that you will use whilst on the trek; please advise if you think you will change your passport before you do the Inca trail)

- Nationality

b, Confirm whether you are a student (it is necessary to have a valid ISIC card to qualify as a student) and if so scan and email it. (We need to present a copy of your card now and you will also need to take the original on the Inca Trail. If for any reason, you will not have your original card when you are going to enter the Inca Trail, please advise us as soon as you know this - the Inca Trail authorities are extremely strict and will not allow you to enter the Inca Trail if you have booked as a student but do not have your original card at the time of entering).

c, Decide whether or not you want an extra porter who would carry your personal belongings (the price of this service is $100).  By hiring a porter you will only need to carry a very small day pack. (Please note, you can also share one porter between two people - up to 7 kilos*  each (7kl. includes sleeping bags and mats)–costing $50 each.) We provide you with a duffle bag in which to put your belongings that your extra porter will carry. If you do not hire a porter, you will carry your personal belongings including sleeping bag and sleeping mattress.

d, Pay a deposit (Non-refundable) of $190 per person(the rest can be paid once you arrive in Cusco).

e, Let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or medical conditions that we should know about.

Why do I need to send a deposit?

We use your deposit (Non- refundable) to pay official fees when making your official reservation. For example, we need to pay tourist and porters entrance fees and taxes (19%). We also use it to secure cooks, porters and horses for our different treks.

What options are there to pay the deposit?

-Western Union is the safest and fastest way to wire money (especially when availability is changing very quickly and reservations need to be made ASAP!). You can send money from anywhere in the world in a few minutes or online through www.westernunion.com.

-Credit card (Visa) - we have an online payment system which you can use to pay with your credit/debit card. Go to our homepage, click on 'payment on-line' and follow the instructions. In this case, we ask you to pay an additional 9% on the deposit to cover visa commission.

Is an extra porter really necessary and how many kilos do they carry for us?

An adventure does not have to mean pain and by hiring an extra porter that carries up to 14 kilos of your personal belongings you will definitely have time to enjoy, take your time and relax more. In addition, you will be creating a job for one more porter and thus helping us to help the local community.

In hiring an extra porter, you will only need to carry a daypack containing water, sun cream, insect repellent, snacks and a coat.

Are the porters treated well? Yes !!!

We believe our porters do a huge percentage of the work on the Inca Trail and deserve to be treated well. All our porters are trained and equipped with proper bags to carry the equipment, back supports, t-shirts for the day, body warmers for the cold nights, ponchos for the rain, drinks, snacks and plenty of food. Please see our section on our porters welfare but most importantly see them while on the trail !!.

Notice: Please let  us know if you see other groups' porters being better treated than the LLAMA PATH PORTERS!!

Is there an age limit to do the trail?

No, there is not an age limit but if you are older, we advise you to have a medical check-up before your trip, try to aclimatize to the altitude (see altitude sickness) and train for the trek. We have taken children as young as 7 and people up to the age of 68 many times. Do not worry, we are here to help you do it!! WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY....!

What if i am very slow or want to see or enjoy more?

As long as you arrive at the camps before it gets dark all is perfectly fine; the guides will keep you informed of distances and hours to be covered after every break, as an average people walk at a rate of 1.8 km per hour meaning a slow pace and resting while you are receiving explanation about the Inca sites and environment from our guide.

For groups of 9 or more people you will always  have 2 professional guides ! goes with the last person in the group - if you the last you will never be alone and the other guide  will be at the front. In case you have only 1 guide (for groups or 8 or less people) the guide always goes with the last person in the group.

Why is there an increment if there are 4 people or less in the group?

This is a very new and revolutionary system we are using (only Llama Path does that) and what we have heard from our tourists is that it is  very flexible and allows people to leave on the trail on the specific date they want to leave and you don't have to wait for other people to join your group- we require a minimun of 2 people !

The increment (only if there are 4 people or less in your group or in order to leave in special dates such as christmas, new years eve, elections , etc - please see our terms and conditions) is requested in order to run the tour ourselves or in order to pay more our staff that sacrifice their holidays or elections (you get fined here if you don't vote). In Cusco, a widespread practice in agencies is to pass tourists on to another company when they don´t have enough people to run the tour. In this case, you would meet people from different agencies that have paid all kind of price (sometimes less and sometimes more than what you have been charged) and you would all have been promised different services.

Paying the increment is also a bonus because your trip becomes a kind of PRIVATE SERVICE (this is a real advantage especially if you are in the mountains trying to escape from the crowds) in this case your tour will allow you to take your time, enjoy and see more!

Once I have booked my place on the trail, can I change my departure date?

No. Unfortunately once your reservation is officially confirmed with the Inca Trail Authorities (INC Reservation Office) it is not possible to change or postpone your departure date. You would need to make a new reservation with a new deposit for your new date (this date needs to be one which is at least 5 days before or after your prior departure date). Please note that this is not an agency decision but a local authority regulation.

Where are the other people in the group from?

You will find all our groups to be very mixed in: age, gender, nationalities. There are cases when our groups consist of only older people and in other cases only younger people but as an agency we can't guarantee how old or where our tourists will be from.

What`s the PrivateService?

It is a special service - all inclusive - to spoil you! You could be honeymooners, a family, a group of friends, etc. It is normally a small group (but can also be a big group). In this service, we included private porters who carry up to 7 kilos of personal belongings in duffle bags (provided by the agency). No one you don't know/want joins your group unless this is requested to share to lower the costs.

What about the food?

We have excellent trained cooks who will provide you with an incredible variety of dishes:

Breakfast: This varies depending on the difficulty of the day ahead. There will usually be a selection of some or all of the following - porridge, scambled eggs, pancakes, bread and jam. Drink-wise, you can have hot chocolate, coffee, English tea and/or a selection of herbal teas (chamomile, lemon grass or simply traditional coca tea).

*Lunch and Dinner: You will always have a bowl of soup followed by a main course (chicken, beef, fish etc. with rice or pasta). After this, a dessert and herbal drink will be provided.

Afternoon snacks (Happy Hour!): On finishing the trek every day we will have hot drinks, popcorn, biscuits, bread and jam, chocolate, milo, etc, etc)

Snacks: Before beginning the trek for the day, you will be given - a piece of fruit, a chocolate bar, a small packet of biscuits and some sweets.

*Vegetarian/special diet options are available on request (see below)

Do you have a vegetarian option?

Yes. We do provide vegetarian food on request. Please specify your dietary requirments  when making your reservation.

Do you provide us with drinking water?

Yes. We provide you  with water that has previously been boiled for at least 5 minutes (you do not need purification tablets). Therefore, you only need a bottle of water for the first part - till lunch time - of the first day and then from there on we will re-fill your bottles all the way to Machu Picchu or to the end of your trek.

Are there many toilets along the Inca trail?

Yes. There are several flush toilets along the trail and we highly reconmend using them only (please avoid using nature)

How many people go in each tent?

The tents for all our treks are 4 man tents but actually 2 enter in each thus allowing you more space and comfort. If you travelling alone and there is an even number of people in your group, you will share the tent with somebody else unless a single supplement is requested ($25).

Why and How much should we tip the porters?

Llama Path fully complies with the porter's Law (27608) requirements of payment and insurance. However, tipping (normally on the 3rd night of your trek) is a tradition on the Inca Trail that has been taking place for the (at least) 15 years as a way of showing the porters your gratitude. Generally the groups prepare a collective tip which is shared out between the cook, head porter and porters (cook and head porter receive more than everyone else)

Please NOTE that the amount you tip (or if you tip) is a PERSONAL DESICION and it is not olbigatory.

Should we tip the guide?

Tipping the guide is again a personal desicion. If you decide to tip we recommend that it is according to his/her performance, knowledge and skills while on the trail.

Where do I store the bags I don't need when I go on the trail?

All hostels and hotels in Cusco are accustomed to trekkers leaving belongings whilst on the trek and will have storage facilities at no extra cost. Optionally you can leave your bags with us in our storage.

Where do I store the bags before the Machu Picchu guided visit?

There is a storage near the control gate where tourists leave their personal belongings,please note that you can only visit Machu Picchu with a small daypack and without food ( walking sticks are not allowed either unless it is really necesary i.e. age of tourists etc.) ; this storage service is sometimes free and sometimes you get charged 3 soles ( you are in Peru) !

What if I get ill and need to turn back?

We have a very low rate of people turning back once on the trek.Our priority is to help you complete it; all our guides are properly trained and carry a first aid kit and a bottle of oxygen for emergencies. Please do not think about this (you are in good hands!)

What about the weather?.

 In Cusco dry season starts in April to October, the days are usually sunny and hot but temperatures drop abruptly after 5-6 pm until 7-8 am.

Weather is very changeable from November to March and heavy rains are expected from December to March, the plus side it's not as cold as it is in the dry season.














Max º C













Min º  C




Rainy days













·        Please note: Temperatures are for the Valley of Cusco at 3400masl. And temperatures change depending on the altitude (higher altitude = colder or viceversa) Also note that it could be a bit more wet on the 3rd and on the 4th day of the Inca Trail (cloud forest regions).

Can we avoid the crowds?

If you choose to do the Inca trail, we want it to be the crowning experience of your South America trip. We therefore have some recommendations for a quieter trek:

  • As the dry highland months coincide with the high tourist season (due to vacations in North America and Europe) there are generally a lot of tourists on the Inca Trail at this time. If you want to avoid the crowds and have a more relaxing trail, we suggest that you hike it in March, April, May, October or November, although there is a possibility of rain in these months.
  • Another alternative to avoid crowds is to hike the trail in * 5 days and 4 nights . During this tour, you will have more time to 'take it easy' and explore the trail (Inca Sites, flora, bird-watching etc.). You camp in places behind the normal campsites, where fewer people camp and as you are camping at higher altitudes, the views of mountains and sunrises will be amazing. (Please note that due to the higher altitudes, these campsites are a little colder than those on the 4 day Inca Trail.)

    * This 5 day, 4 night Inca Trail is also suitable for older people or anyone who wants to walk a little bit more leisurely.
  • Please feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

Address: Calle San Juan de Dios 250, Cusco   I   Email: info@llamapath.com    I   Tel: 051 84 240822 Mobile: 051 84 9753037