Why choose Llamapath?


With over 10 years of experience organising treks and tours, Llama Path is one of the top operators in Peru and has built up an excellent record with our customers. We always aim to offer an excellent service to each and every person and are constantly looking for ways we can improve to make your trip of a lifetime even better.


Another reason to book with us is so that you can guarantee that you will be going on a fair and ethical trip. Llama Path is the leader in sustainable tourism here in Cusco and all of our trips are designed so that every person throughout your holiday gets the maximum benefit they can.

How is the weather in Peru?


Peru's climate varies depending on where you visit.

On the coast it is usually quite hot although during the winter (April-August) it can get chilly early in the morning and at night.

In the Andes there are two main seasons - wet and dry. The wet season runs from November to April and is wet but usually warmer overall. The dry season runs from May to October and has hot clear days but cold nights.

The only one thing you can say about the weather in Peru is that it is difficult to accurately predict. You can beautifully clear hot days in the middle of the wet season and hail storms in the dry season - it's one of the beauties of Peru.

How is the food on the treks?


We're proud to say that the only complaints we get about our food is that there is too much of it. Many people comment that the food they eat on the treks is the best they get whilst in Peru.

A sample menu is as follows:
Breakfast - Porridge, toast, butter, jam, pancakes, fruit salad, yogurt with hot chocolate, coffee and a variety of teas.
Snack - Every day you are provided with a snack to eat whilst trekking, this is usually something like a power bar + fruit or biscuits + fruit.
Lunch - Soup + a main course ranging from Lomo Saltado, Causa Rellena, Trout, Spaghetti Bolagnese etc. served with rice and garlic bread
Happy Hour - Every afternoon around 5pm we serve hot chocolate, tea, popcorn, biscuits, bread and jam, etc.
Dinner - See the main courses served at lunch.

What vaccines do I need for Peru?


You should always consult your local travel clinic regarding vaccines. In general the regular vaccines such as Tetanus, Diptheria, Polio etc are recommended. If you are visiting the low-land jungle then Yellow Fever is recommended.

Do I need to be fit to do one of your treks?


All of our treks (the Inca Trail, Salkantay, Ausangate etc.) are moderately difficult, long and mountainous. We highly recommend that you are relatively fit and acclimatised to altitude (a minimum of 2 days at altitude) before undertaking them.  During the months (or at the very least, one month) before your trip, you should take regular, moderate exercise.  We want you to have an amazing experience and the fitter you are, the more enjoyable the treks will be.

How can I book a place on one of your treks/tours?


Check out our booking page for more information!

Why do I need to send a deposit?


We use your deposit (Non-refundable) to pay official fees when making your official reservation. For example, we need to pay tourist and porters entrance fees and taxes (19%). We also use it to secure cooks, porters and horses for our different treks.

How can I pay my deposit / final balance?


Deposits for treks can be paid using the methods provided below. Bank transfers are not recommended as they can take up to 3 working days to clear! Final balances for treks need to be paid in cash (US$) in our office in Cusco 48 hours prior to your trek.

Deposits for tours can be paid using any of the methods below.

Final balances for treks can be paid via Paypal - up to 1 week prior to trek departure. Final balances for treks should be paid 48 hours prior to departure at the latest. If it is not paid within this timeframe, we reserve the right to cancel the trip. Payment can be made in cash at our office.
Final balances for itineries should be paid 1 month prior to your trip.

1) Credit card Visa (only for Inca Trail reservation deposits) - we have an online payment system which you can use to pay with your credit/debit card. In this case, we ask you to pay an additional 9% on the deposit to cover Visa commission. Click here to make your payment.

2) Paypal: (for alternative treks and Inca Trail and tour reservations deposits). In this case, we ask you to pay an additional 6% on the deposit to cover Paypal commission. To make your deposit by Paypal you need a Paypal account, the address to send your deposit to is bookings@llamapath.com.

3) Bank account transfer to a UK account (for tour deposits and final payments). In this case, we ask you to pay an additional 3.5% on the deposit to cover transfer costs.

What should I do as my trek date approaches?


Please come by the agency at least 48 hours prior to your tour to meet, finalise details, pay your balance and organise your pre-trek talk (if applicable - Inca Trail / alternative treks).

Where are we located?


Our office is in Calle San Juan De Dios 250 (2 blocks from the Plaza de Armas)

What are our opening hours?


We are open from 9am - 1pm and 3pm - 8pm (Mon - Sat) and 4pm - 8pm (Sun).

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