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Our office staff are the backbone of the whole operation and it's them you can thank for having a problem free and relaxed holiday. From the moment you contact us to the moment you leave on your trek they organise everything down to the finest detail so that your trip goes off without a hitch. Llamapath has a policy that all potential guides spend at least a year working in the office to make sure they are of sufficient calibre and quality before they can take a group out - for this reason many of the office staff are also aspiring guides who are working alongside the permanent office staff.


Our front desk

Our front desk team are always on hand to help out with any queries you have during your stay in Cusco. Working from 9 til 1 and 3 til 8 from Monday to Saturdat they all have studied or are studying tourism and are fluent English speakers.


Our back office

Organising your holiday is no small feat and we have a dedicated team to make sure it all goes off smoothly. From people answering emails to people making bookings and someone to oversee it all we have all the bases covered.

Our back office contains a mix of people including tourists who chose to stay in Cusco and work and a variety of Peruvians from all walks of life. With so many people working together there's a great atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual support; there's never a dull moment!



Michelle is co-owner and co-founder of Llama Path. Hailing from Wales in the UK she originally travelled to Cusco as a tourist but fell in love with the place and chose to start the agency with Jose back in 2003.

Michelle is involved in every aspect of making sure the business runs smoothly and it certainly keeps her on her toes. Despite her impressive workload she keeps everything in ship shape and all with a smile on her face no matter challenge she faces.

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