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Our team of guides are all local to the Cusco area and speak both Spanish and English fluently with the majority of them also speaking Qhechua (the native language of Peru). With degrees in tourism and with a minimum of 2 years experience under their belts they are full of energy and information about the native flora and fauna, the Inca sites you visit and are a ready source of stories and legends told by the Andean people.


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John (Cusco, 1990, 5 years experience)  was amazing. He was incredibly patient, letting us hike the trail at our own pace and take photos whenever we wanted. We never felt like we had to get here by this time or anything. He allowed us to really make it our own personal experience. Also, he had a great deal of knowledge and was able to answer any questions we had for him. I'm so glad we did this tour, it kind of made me wish we had done the 4 day, but my knees are thankful we stuck with this one.


Alberto was extremely knowledgable about not only Incan culture and the sites we visited along the trail but also the plants and flowers we passed along the way. He was extremely personable and easy going and it was a pleasure to get to know him.


Elvis and you can tell he loves his job. He's so knowledgeable and a History junky and tells the coolest stories about the Incas. All the staff is awesome, the porters are real super heroes and work so hard. They deserve your tips, so please tip them, and big!! 


Anibel is extremely knowledgeable about Incan history which shows through the trek. He's also a very fun dude which made the trek seem more like you were hiking the Inca Trail and visiting Machu Picchu with a good friend, who wanted to share his heritage. Everything about the trek was handled professionally, which made the entire experience more enjoyable. 


Carlito our guide, he had a great sense of humour and we quickly became friends on the trek. He was very informative and knowledgable & we believe having him as our guide greatly attributed to our awesome experience. Carlitos was patient and exhibited unparalleled levels of kindness towards us both to make us feel like a part of the family. 


Our guide, Henry, was informative and encouraging. He regularly took our input and always tried to accommodate our preferences or pace. He was full of great stories and historic knowledge and a pleasure to get to know. Henry has 16 years in the business. He was amazing! Trustworthy, informative and funny, he let us know what to expect and what would happen and gave us options.


Coco he was AWESOME. He provided in depth information about the trail, flora, ruins, and everything else in between. His experience divided the trail up into manageable sections over the four days, and got us to the Winaywayna gate as the second group, allowing us to be the first group to get to the Sun Gate. Coco's passion for his job was more than evident. It was shocking how knowledgeable he was about every subject under the sun, and in great detail.  Any question we asked, whether it had to do with an Inca Site, modern politics, plants, animals, weather, he knew the answer.  I still can't fathom how he fits so much information in his brain! Besides his fantastic organization and knowledge, he has a killer sense of humor.  He kept us laughing the entire way to Machu Picchu, even when we were exhausted beyond words. 


Roger, was engaging, professional and knowledgeable. He also consistently displayed an interest in everyone's well-being by reminding us about managing altitude sickness, asking if someone was unwell and tending to one girls sore knee. 


Alex was awesome! Very professional. friendly, happy and helpful. He helped to take so many good pictures! Alex, was awesome. Really friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I was often the slowest in our group, but the whole time Alex was really encouraging. As well as motivating us along the trail he had a brilliant knowledge of Inca culture and the nature around us.


Jose, was terrific. He was patient and encouraging, and kept a close eye on our well-being, checking everyone's oxygen levels when the going got tough. He even kept an eye on struggling hikers from other groups, which was very generous of him. He has a great passion for Inca history, and explained all the ruins we passed with enthusiasm. He excelled in helping us understand Machu Picchu itself.


Edwin, our lead guide was 100% knowledgeable in the history, geography and culture of the areas we visited. He was there for our group to guide, motivate, entertain and get us through the trying times that invariably occur at altitude. I consider Edwin a personal friend after this trek as he took our well being and enjoyment as his personal responsibility. 


Marco was excellent, he was very knowledgeable/passionate about Incan/Peruvian history and he shared that with the group. My friend and I were slower than the rest of the group but Marco made sure to keep pace with us to make sure we didn't fall far behind. Definitely ask for Marco as your guide if you want an excellent trip. 


Jose Baca- our guide. Great energy and incredibly knowledgable. The trek itself was full of the most amazing sites, laughs and a lot of stopping with Jose and having him describe the incan culture and history. The trek itself was full of the most amazing sites, laughs and a lot of stopping with Jose and having him describe the incan culture and history. 


Roger's English was perfect and it was incredibly informative. We never felt rushed or stressed during the trip at all. Roger was simply amazing and full of anecdotes and history input about the inca culture and everything in Peru. 


Jose Luis' knowledge and strength was fascinating. He was an excellent guide who was very passionate in his work and healthy lifestyle. His compassion was kindly noted when he help my sister , who was having a tough time on the trail. He gave her strength to carry on and also carried her backpack when she could no longer carry it. I would recommend Jose Luis to anyone planning a hiking trip!!! 


Primo took care of us the whole time. He had a lot of solutions for altitude sickness and other illnesses happen in the trek. 


JJ (Juan José) who went beyond expectation to ensure we were not only safe and learned about the inca sites and mountains surrounding us but kept us entertained with his colourful character (if you're ever stuck on a mountain, this is the man you want by your side!). 


Dario was amazing! We were so lucky to have him to ourselves. It was incredible to sit on the edge of a mountain at an Incan sight and listen to the history of his people and even get to hear about some of his family that still live in the highlands. He was fantastic! 


Carlos, was excellent; he was extremely knowledgeable about all the sites we visited, and gave us a lot of interesting history. He was also extremely patient with our lack of physical fitness (haha), and our incessant need for bathrooms.


Edgar Rosalio 'Lio', was phenomenal. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of the history, culture, flora, fauna, architecture of the region. In addition, he was a super cheerleader and marshalled us through altitude and snow with great joy and lots of laughter.


Marco the "Peruvian rebel soldier" was entertained with jokes and stories in the evenings at dinner. During the day he was informative, telling us amazing inca stories and answering our questions as fully as he could. Most importantly he made us feel safe during the entire trip paying special attention to anyone who was sick or struggling. 


Rolando was our guide for Machu Picchu and also the Cusco city tour. Very professional, extremely knowledgeable and Rolando has a "wicked" and terrific sense of humor.

Antony was knowledgable, energetic and a great person to be around and lead our hike. He paced us very well and was encouraging throughout the strenuous hike.


Miguel, our lead guide, is probably one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He expertly infused our trip with history, Incan and Peruvian culture, geology, sustainability, and eco-tourism. Miguel made a difference in each of our group members' lives, and I can only hope that you are lucky enough to have him as your guide and experience his amazing speeches at the Inca sites and dinner each night!

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