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Llamapath has built itself around the concept of porter welfare as we know that they are the most crucial element of whether you have a good trek or bad. By providing good quality equipment and uniforms, a fair and legal wage and insurance for all our porters we are ensuring their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their families and the communities they come from. The root of our social commitment comes from the Inca concept of Ayni; there is no direct translation in to English but in general it is a principle of a reciprocal relationship. By giving with no expectation of receiving something in return the person who benefits will one day by in the position where he can also give and so the whole community benefits.





Fredy is the head porter and is in charge of making sure that they are all well-equipped and properly looked after so they are fit and ready to head out on the trail whenever required. He is one of the longest standing members of the Llamapath staff having been working with Jose right from the outset and is a crucial member of the team. Although as a tourist you probably won't meet him, Fredy is always there in the background making sure your tour goes off without a hitch.
Llamapath Porters


Our Chefs

Our chefs are quite literally culinary geniuses, able to whip up some of the tastiest food you'll have on your whole trip and in the harshest conditions they never fail to amaze.

The food on Llamapath treks is second to none; with a mixture of traditional Andean and western style dishes on offer along with vegetarian and vegan menus along with various other dietary requests there is no chance you'll be left wanting whilst on one of our treks.

Jorge; The food was fabulous and plentiful. Three course meals were provided at lunch and dinner. They accommodated two strict vegetarians and one person who was gluten and dairy free in our group of six. There was pumpkin, quinoa and potato soups, a two layer chocolate cake, pudding, platters of food (3-4) each meal. I only ate breakfast one of the 4 days and one dinner of the 3 days because lunch was more than enough food for me.

Carmelo, every time we got to the camp for lunch or dinner and had snacks and drinks ready for you. The food, was by far the best food of my vacation was on the Inca trail. The food was delicious and there was so much, we were all amazed how Carmello the cook and one assistant, could cook all this on a camping stove and carry everything too.

Dennis, We had a fantastic time on this trek -partly because of the incredible food from Dennis the chef and his assistant - all three and four course meals with plentiful snacks. I'm lactose intolerant and they catered for my needs perfectly, even creating an amazing dairy free chocolate fudge cake as a surprise.

Melchor, I'm still dreaming about the amazing food Chef Melchior and team were whipping up.

Santos, cooks and the horsemen went ahead to set up camp for us and cook us the most amazing meals- 5 course, restaurant quality meals- the freshest ingredients and they also cater to anyone who has food allergies or specific diets.


Sebastian, the food! Gourmet meals on the trail? Yes please! Our chef Sebastion was a magician in the "kitchen!" We ate some of the best meals while on the trail!

Cesar, The food was amazing! (esp for being in the middle of no where). Lots of meat, potatoes, rice, vegetables. They even made breakfast omelets and pizza once. This is a trip of the lifetime and this is the group to go with ! :)

Cirilo, The camp chefs also were amazing! I had no idea such a variety of foods could be carried up the trail, prepared and cooked all at the camp site. We dined on everything from fresh soups to peruvian meat dishes (vegetarian options were provided as well) to pizzas and yes...even cake! How they pulled this off, I still don't know. And there was plenty of food to go around. I was stuffed after every meal. The hot water and coca tea at our tent every morning also was a nice touch.

Apolinar, the meals were among the best we had anywhere in Peru. We ate very well.

Balvino, Our chef Sebastian made sure we did not go hungry and constantly fed us AMAZING food. I will 100% over and over be recommending this company to my friends and family.



Our Porters - The Red Army

  • Our porters are a real mixed bunch. From hardened Inca Trail veterans in their 50's through to novices just starting to grow their first beard, you'll find a whole variety of characters and personalities throughout our team. The one unifying thing you'll find about our porters is their dedication and love of the job. After carrying 20kg of gear over mountain passes and through driving rain you'll find the porters are still full of energy; it's not an uncommon sight to see them having a game of football at the end of a hard days walk.

    ''The porters not only carried so much equipment but there were there cheering us along the whole way. Llama path really treats the porters with respect and that is important to me''. (Dana)

    ''Additionally, we were shown how well Llama Path treats its porters. This was something I hadn't considered as part of my decision to go with this company for our trek. They provide their porters with uniforms, higher pay than what is standard, meals and even a place to live. We were told that sustainable tourism and treatment of its staff was a cornerstone of Llama Path's mission. I'm glad we supported this with our business'' (James).

    ''The porters were incredible and made sure our camp was always ready for us, along with water and anything else we might need. It was evident Llamapath as a company and the employees all cared a great deal about them and made sure they were treated really well'' (Meghan).

    On the way to the beginning of the trail, we stopped at the porters' house to pick them up.  This is a place that Llama Path built for the porters so they have a place to stay while they're working, instead of having to commute from their hometowns. Coco gave us a tour of their quarters, and also showed us the school above the porters' house that Llama Path built for local children that can't afford to go to school'' (Daria).

    '' We highly recommend our tour operators Llama Path, who not only looked like the most professional outfit on the trek but who also ensured all their amazing chaskis had suitable hiking boots and warm clothing. The lovely men always managed a smile or a friendly wave as they toiled their way up the hills with our heavy load'' (Gwyn).

    '' It was evident that some of the other tour companies found ways to overload and underprepare their porters. Not with Llama Path. They also provide a house that the porters can stay at for free in between treks'' (Anna).

    We care about our Porters as much as we care about our Tourists!

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