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Are there many toilets on the Inca Trail?


Toilets have improved a lot in the last couple of years and all of the larger campsites have toilet blocks with flush toilets and running water. On the whole they are kept pretty clean. If you do need to go to the toilet between campsites then defecate well away from the trail and water supplies; dig a hole, or cover your faeces with a rock, and take the paper with you in a bag to deposit in one of the several bins along the way.

Is there an age limit for the Inca Trail?


There is no age limit on the Inca Trail or on any of our treks but if you are over 60 or have ill health, we advise you to have a medical check-up before your trip. Follow the advice given to everyone and make sure you to acclimatize to the altitude and train for the trek. We have taken children as young as 7 and people up to the age of 68 many times. Do not worry, we are here to help you do it!!

Once I have booked my place, can I change my dates?


Unfortunately once your reservation is confirmed with the Inca Trail authorities (INC Reservation Office) it is not possible to change or postpone your departure date. You would need to make a new reservation with a new deposit for your new date (this date needs to be one which is at least 5 days before or after your prior departure date). Please note that this is not an agency decision but a local authority regulation.

What is the difference between the Comfort and Imperial service?


Comfort Service

The Comfort service is a group travel where you meet people from different nationalities, of different ages, gender, different level of fitness, etc. If you are two people (or couple) who wish to share a tent, we will arrange that for you. For singles who are traveling alone, they will be paired with another single traveler of the same gender for sharing a tent. For an extra fee $35.00, you can have a tent to yourself.

You do not have to stay with the group during the day while trekking -- but you meet up for lunch & at campsites in the afternoon or evening. As a couple, you share a tent (just the two of you). The tents are designed as 4-person tents, but only two people share a tent, which leaves room for your gear inside.


Our Imperial service is just for you and your friends so it is perfect for honeymooners, a family, a group of friends, etc. It is also great to help you pace yourselves as with smaller groups everyone can stay together. In this service we already include personal porters for you who carry up to 7 kilos of your belongings in duffle bags (provided by the agency).

Do I need a personal porter?


An adventure does not have to mean pain and by hiring an extra porter that will carry up to 14 kilos of your personal belongings you will definitely be able to enjoy the Inca Trail more and take your time to relax. In addition, you will be creating a job for one more porter and thus helping us to help the local community.

If you choose to hire an extra porter you will only need to carry your daypack with things like water, suncream, insect repellent, camera, etc. If you choose not to hire a porter then you will need to carry everything you plan to take on the trail including your sleeping bag and mattress (a foam mattress is provided).

How does your hired porter carry your personal items?


We give you a duffle bag to put belongings to be carried by your porter.

Are the porters well treated?


We think our porters are the best treated on the whole Inca Trail. All our porters receive a fair wage, are fully insured against accident or injury and are provided with good quality equipment and uniforms as well as the correct gear for all conditions. For more information about our porters click here.

Can I cancel a porter after I have booked one?


No. Unfortunately you can not cancel your porter after you have booked it. Porters (like your permits) are also booked well in advance and a fee is paid.

Can I change my passport details after I have booked?


If you know will come to Peru on a different passport than you currently have (passport will expire, name change, etc.) then we recommend you bring a copy of your old passport with you so as to enter the Inca Trail. If you are unable to bring a copy of your old passport then please advise us prior to your trek (the sooner the better) and we can change your reservation for a fee of $8. A scanned copy of your old and new passport is required to make the changes.

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