Tailor Made Tours

Tailor Made Tours

If you want something a little different than our fixed packages, we can put together a custom holiday for you depending on your interests. Maybe you want to spend longer in one place and less time in another or maybe you want to avoid the big tourist attractions and visit a farming community, contact us and one of our expert advisors will be happy to help.


Arequipa - with an impressive colonial center built from the white volcanic rock that is found in the area there are a variety of things to do whilst in the city such as visit the Santa Catalina Monastery or the museum where the Ice Mummy 'Juanita' is kept. The main attraction of  the city is the nearby Colca Canyon where it is possible to see condors soaring on the thermals.


Puno - people visit Puno for Lake Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake and home to the Uros people. The Uros people have lived on floating islands that they construct from reeds for generations, possibly as far back as Inca times and it is this unique culture that attracts people to the area. A boat ride on Lake Titicaca is an unforgettable experience, visiting the floating islands as well as the islands of Amantani and Taquile you see a side of Peru that is all but lost.


Cusco - the old Inca capital is the main destination of everyone's trip. Sat at 3300m / 10,827ft. above sea level, Cusco has a unique charm and provides an interesting mix of Andean and Spanish cultures. Filled with ancient Inca sites and colonial buildings sat alongside modern restaurants and upmarket cafes, Cusco has a little something for everyone.


Machu Picchu - the lost city of the Incas is a short train journey from Cusco. Surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery and with some of the most impressive Inca buildings ever constructed, Machu Picchu iss the highlight of Peru.


The Inca Trail - one of the most famous treks in the world, 4 days of trekking through beautiful mountain scenery with visits to Inca sites and a wide variety of flora and fauna. On the final day you arrive to Machu Picchu via the Sun Gate.


The Amazon Rainforest - the jungle around Puerto Maldanado has been identified as one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Staying in a lodge deep in the jungle you get to explore this fantastic environment by foot on jungle trails and by boat on the myriad of rivers and ox-bow lakes. Staying in a lodge is the perfect way to see the jungle allowing you to enjoy the wildlife in comfort.


Paracas and the Ballestas Islands - Close to the town of Paracas lie the Ballestas Islands, Peru's Galapagos. The Ballestas are home to large colonies of birds as well as sea-lions and attract nature enthusiasts visiting Peru.


Nazca - the Nazca lines are a popular destination for tourists seeking the esoteri side of Peru. Many theorise that they were built by aliens or an advanced civilisation due to the fact that they are only visible from the air, whoever built them they are impressive. The Nazca Lines include images of animals such as hummingbirds, monkeys, fish etc as well as the 'Spaceman' and geometric patterns.


Trujillo, home of the archeological site Chan Chan which was built by the Chimu culture around the same time as Machu Picchu. Chan Chan is a large adobe city, much of which lies in ruin spread across the desert. Luckily a large part of the city remains intact and visitors can explore the complex and learn about the Chimu culture and their pre-decessors the Moche. Trujillo is also home to Huanchaco which is a relaxed beach town about 30 minutes from the city and closeto Chan Chan.


Chiclayo is the next city on the way up the coast. The main draw here is to visit the museum of the Lord of Sipan and the archeological sites left over by the Moche culture. The Lord of Sipan was a Moche king who left behind one of the most fabulous tombs ever found in Latin America. The tomb was discovered untouched by grave robbers so gave an important insight in to the Moche people, many beautifully crafted gold pieces were discovered in the area. Around the area of Lambeyeque are many pyramids that could easily be mistaken for hills, the Moche built many of these pyramids for their ceremonial practices and they were in use until the arrival of the Spanish.


Mancora lies close to the border with Ecuador and is a popular destination for tourists looking for some rest and relaxation. With beautiful beaches and warm seas as well as top end hotels it's the perfect place for pampering.

hummingbirds, monkeys, fish etc as well as the 'Spaceman' and geometric patterns.


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